ProSeries Support Desk

Why Choose Proseries as your Professional Tax Software

You can choose Proseries for a number of reasons. Some of the Proseries advantages on top of the list are –

  • Ease of Use

The form-based interface is very easy to use once you get hang of it. The software is relatively very straightforward and automatically collects data when linked to the clients’ other accounts. Proseries also provides a feature ‘Where Do I Enter’ that helps you find the proper form and enter date precisely. You can also use the online directory and forums for all other bits of help. And customer support is readily available to help if you are stuck in your initial phases.

  • Integration with Accounting Software

One of the features that make Proseries special is the integration with other software to collect data and automatically fill the form for you. Other software available mostly lacks this feature, which makes it difficult for the users to manually enter all the information. However, here you can select the financial institutions and download your clients’ data. You can also scan the information and import data for additional charges.

  • Client Portal Integration

You can integrate Proconnect Proseries with Intuit Link or SmartVault for collaboration with your clients. These options come handy when you need to share documents or communicate about the needed things during the process.

  • Electronic Signature

This software offers DocuSign for obtaining signatures from the clients on tax returns. It works as similar to e-signature option and it comes handy for further procedures or forms submissions.