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Evolution of Bookkeeping

Our dive into the world of bookkeeping is going to be a deep and adventurous one. Snorkel your way into this article to be well acquainted with the concept and need of Bookkeeping for a successful business venture. You are bound to stick till the very because as dull as Bookkeeping sounds, there is a lot to learn from it. WHAT IS BOOKKEEPING The very first thing that strikes when you hear the word ‘bookkeeping’ is a very graphic image of a library. Although, Bookkeeping has nothing to do with a library. To put it in plain words, bookkeeping refers to an occupation where you jut down important daily transactions and affairs in a specific manner in an official notebook

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ProConnect – ProSeries Pricing, Features & Packages

The modern era of tax preparation & submission for business has begun. ProSeries the best professional tax software has allowed accountants to prepare and file taxes in just a few clicks. Intuit offers two ProSeries software packages:- ProSeries Basic ProSeries Professional ProSeries Software Packs Features & Pricing These two packages are further divided into seven different packages with unique features. In this blog, we will talk about these all packages offered for ProSeries in detail. If you need assistance to understand these packages in human, dial ProSeries support phone number +1-205-828-9224. ProSeries Basic This package aims to fulfill the entry-level tax purpose of individual returns. ProSeries basic package is offered in 3 different packs. Basic 20 Basic 50 Basic Unlimited

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