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ProConnect – ProSeries Pricing, Features & Packages

The modern era of tax preparation & submission for business has begun. ProSeries the best professional tax software has allowed accountants to prepare and file taxes in just a few clicks. Intuit offers two ProSeries software packages:-

  • ProSeries Basic
  • ProSeries Professional

ProSeries Software Packs Features & Pricing

These two packages are further divided into seven different packages with unique features. In this blog, we will talk about these all packages offered for ProSeries in detail. If you need assistance to understand these packages in human, dial ProSeries support phone number +1-205-828-9224.

ProSeries Basic

This package aims to fulfill the entry-level tax purpose of individual returns. ProSeries basic package is offered in 3 different packs.

  1. Basic 20
  2. Basic 50
  3. Basic Unlimited

Basic 20

Basic 20 supports over a thousand forms. An individual can file twenty maximum of 1040 returns for one state only. Basic 20 offers refund transfer feature which allows users to use the refunded amount for clients tax prep. One of the most important feature i.e. Automatic tax planner that enables the user to create custom tax planning services, graphs & reports, comparison between real-time and future tax returns. Client letter & Client invoice is offered with various templates. Clients can download 1099 -B, 1099INT & 1099DIV from easily from our support website. Basic 20 packages come with around the clock technical support to the users. *Charges may apply. The price for the Basic 20 package is $429.95 for each year.

Basic 50

Basic 50 supports to a maximum of fifty 1040 returns for 2 states. Basic 50 has the refund transfer feature. The Automatic tax planner is included in Basic 50. Client letter and client invoices are included in this package. Clients have access to thousands of forms from our intuitive support website. Basic 50 is offered to users for $749.95 for each year. Technical support & consultation is offered to users with additional charges.

Basic Unlimited

Basic Unlimited support up to unlimited 1040 forms for a maximum of 4 states. The Automatic tax planner & the refund transfer feature is included in Basic Unlimited. Client letter and invoices come with unlimited templated for clients. Clients have access to download the different forms from our official support website. The price for Basic Unlimited package is $1109.95. Technical support and data services are offered to users with additional chargers.

For around the clock technical support, contact ProSeries support desk on +1-205-828-9224.

ProSeries Professional

The ProSeries professional package is offered to users who handle returns for individuals as well as businesses. The ProSeries professional package is offered in four different packs to users according to the needs:-

  • Pay Per Return
  • Choice 200
  • 1040 Complete
  • Power Tax Library

Pay Per Return

Pay per return allows the user to file business returns as pay as go. The user can file unlimited 1040 forms for business return for $41 per return. Tax can filed for every state in this package for a price of $34 per return with $40 for state business returns. The automatic tax planner & the refund transfer feature is inbuilt in the pack. Create a custom checklist for the taxes to be filed for this year. In this pack, multi-user access is supported with access to thousands of forms from the official site. Users can offer clients with graphical representations of their real-time and future taxes with other suggestion features that help the client to reduce future taxes. Multi-currency features with assets tracking and calculation of assets value. This package comes at a price of $329 for each year. Technical support is offered to users with additional charges.

Choice 200

Every type of business returns is supported in this package for e.g. the 1120S, 1041, 1065, 990, 706, 709. Choice 200 supports a maximum of 200 1040 returns. Individual and other business returns come with additional prices for each return. All basic package features are offered in this package for users. Electronic 8879 signatures are supported in this package with additional prices. There are various features to provide clients with a checklist, advisory & fixed asset manager. This package comes for a price of $1549.95 for each year and it is recommended to get in touch with ProSeries support on +1-205-828-9224 to create your own customized package within Choice 200. Client letter and client invoicing features are inbuilt in this pack. Technical support & training is available in this pack for the users via support website and other third party technical corporations.

1040 Complete

1040 Complete package is an expert tax software package with unlimited features to reduce users time spent on processing taxes. 1040 support individual as well as pay as you go business returns. Users can file unlimited 1040’s for all the states with additional 1040 support. Multi-user access allows the user to add another user on the network of the firm to access the books. All the basic pack features are included as well as the features in Choice 200 are in the pack. 1040 Complete pack comes at a price of $1899.95 for each year. Technical support, data conversion & tax services are available with additional charges on ProSeries technical support phone number +1-205-828-9224. Users can get online tutorials on our support website.

Power Tax Library

Power tax library is a complete solution for an accounting firm to file all kinds of taxes for their clients. Power Tax library is an expert tax pack with most mind-blowing features. Multi-user is enabled in this pack. Power Tax Library gives the flexibility to the user to create an industry-specific expert tax software package. With the help of a ProSeries expert, the user needs are understood and a custom pack with the whole tax library is setup. Connect with an expert on ProSeries support phone number +1-205-828-9224.

ProSeries Sales Support

If you are an accounting or bookkeeping individual or firm, get the chance to get a free demo of our industry-specific ProSeries tax software by an expert. Check ProSeries support packs pricing & Dial ProSeries sales phone number +1-205-828-9224 and get a personalized tax solution for your business.

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