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Intuit ProConnect introduces new software for tax filing and returns – ProSeries. We have two versions of this software, i.e. Basic and Professional. You can choose one among the two as per your usage and choose the flexible package according to the features available. So, let’s learn more about this tax software meant for accountants.

Intuit ProConnect ProSeries is desktop-based tax software for accountants preferring a forms-based interface. It is mostly suitable for midsize or smaller financial users. This software will help all the professionals in managing tax submission, filing returns, tracking the progress, and many more similar things related to tax payment and calculations. With Intuit ProSeries, professionals can now view, track, and manage all the e-file returns. You can also keep a track of the progress of tax returns. Moreover, this software also helps in planning events, tracking status, and finding missing data in the files.

Using this software is very easy – thanks to the interactive financial presentations with charts, tables, and graphs. On top of all this, you can communicate with your clients in real-time with the chat feature for making the flow of things easy. In short, Prconnect ProSeries seamlessly integrates all the various accounting software for importing, managing, and tracking information related to the tax filings and returns.

Time-Saving Features of Proconnect ProSeries to ensure Business Success

This version of Intuit professional tax software has a number of amazing features that make it one of the best in the market. Here is a list of all the dominant ProSeries features you should know about the ProSeries desktop software –

  • You can import data from QuickBooks, Quicken, and TXF files to integrate all the data and use it for tax filing and calculations.
  • This software also allows you to import investment data from a number of financial institutions directly.
  • It includes a scheduling tool for listing events and other important details.
  • The software has an electronic signature through DocuSign at additional costs.
  • It can import data for scanned tax forms and use it for the process at additional prices.
  • You can collaborate with your clients via SmartVault at additional fees or Intuit Link that is included along with the package.

Another top feature that Intuit is proud of regarding the ProSeries software is the on-screen help we provide to each and every individual while working with the returns.

We also offer help related to the exact form that you should use and information about the same. And lastly, for transferring data automatically to the forms that definitely save some of your precious time. Get connected with our support executive on ProSeries support phone number +1877-708-5420 to get best advice for your package.

We Help Accountants and Users with Efficient ProSeries Support

The desktop-based professional tax software is perfect for individuals that practice small or medium-sized financial dealings. From filing returns to tracking the progress of returns, ProSeries does everything for you.  Offering a variety of features such as locating your missing client, important data automatically and error checking, this software has your financial needs taken care of. Accountants have access to over 3,700 forms and schedules which help them take care of the financial requirements desired by their clients.

ProSeries support ensures to provide the best possible support to their clients in different ways.

a) We spend 100,000 hours testing their software, so you never have to face issues while running your software.

b) Besides just keeping their software up to date, we also have an active community for the accountants that address every type of possible issue that their users could confront.

Once you are in their Accounts Community Section, you can browse through topics:

  • The Tax Reform section is where you can ask questions on tax reforms.
  • Customer Corner is where you take surveys around tax reform changes, tax reform, knowledge base, and accountant’s community. We learn what our users want and what works best for their business and implement the changes in our software.
  • Getting Started section is where we guide the new users to familiarize themselves with the usage of the ProSeries features and become experts so they can actively use the software for their business.
  • Season Readiness section is where our online tax experts take you through training and touch subjects like taxes, laws on tax, security, etc.
  • Working on an Individual Return section comprises detailed information on how you can create an individual return.
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant section shows you how to skip manual data entry and instead saves your time and evades any errors.
  • The tax Planner section will give you access to videos and articles where you will be taught how to create a tax plan, how tax planner works, and FAQs related to it.
  • Intuit Link will teach you how you can collect data hassle-free with the help Intuit Link. There is a detailed guide for the accountants to Intuit Link Organizer in this section and several other articles on this topic.
  • eSignature Topics is a section where you are taught how to use eSignature. It is basically a modern, efficient and safe process to send your clients their tax documents, including the 8879 form, to be reviewed and signed. Your clients will be able to sign from anywhere through a supported device. Running around to get signatures is a task of the yonder days when you have eSignature.
  • e-File Atlas is a section that tells you everything about e-filing dates for different sectors – partnership, corporates, individual, etc. This is a detailed section that is of great help to the accountants.
  • Alerts and Trending Topics is where you will find everything new or trending related to online tax.

The accountant’s community has everything that an accountant needs to know about using ProSeries and filing taxes for their clients including the procedures and the apps that help them execute their tax procedures efficiently without making any errors. With our comprehensive ProSeries support system, the accountants can get the best out of their business.

ProSeries Technical Support Helps in Overcoming All Hindrances in Accountancy Business

Advanced technology, software, and useful apps help in serving clients with broader and deeper services. People look for accountants that used advanced technologies and are prompt with their work. With this thought, you were intrigued to sign up for our services.  However, new users may find it difficult to install and use the software in the beginning. But our ProSeries technical support team will guide you through the technical traits of ProSeries and help you understand the features of this software.

Also, sudden technical issues in ProSeries software for those that are already using it could land you in trouble, especially when it is the tax season. When things are not working seamlessly, it can bring your accountancy business to a stop. We ensure that we don’t abandon our users and provide them with our best technical expertise.

  • You can get in touch with our ProSeries technical support staff on +1877-708-5420.
  • From Monday – Friday, 6:00 am – 8:00 pm – During Business hours across all timezones in USA. 
  • Our 24×7 Experts are also available to help with flexible support packages on ProSeries support phone number +1877-708-5420.

We also understand you might be working at odd hours to finish your work, so we offer extended hours of support during the busiest tax filing times.

You can check our accountant’s community for technical help to learn about the extended hours of service provided by us. Our technical support is made available on most holidays also. Along with this, we also have a dedicated Community and Support Page for the users that easily solves common issues faced while using ProSeries.

Accountants that have just joined us will be able to kick off their business in style with ProSeries and our technical support. Those that are already using ProSeries and are stuck can get back to filing taxes in no time with our expert and prompt guidance.

We Employ US-Based Experience Customer Support Experts

We have employed a team of skilled employees that take care of our customer service, technical service, and sales desk actively over the phone and in the community.  Our ProSeries customer support service is US based and we cater to all the needs of our users ensuring they continue to receive flawless services without any hindrance. There are highly skilled professionals that answer your questions over the phone and in the community.  You can get in touch with us on our ProSeries technical support phone number +1877-708-5420 during our working hours. Expect your issues to be solved immediately as we assure superior customer service to our users.

We Offer ProSeries Support Services to the Users in Every Possible Way

ProSeries support is always available for you whenever you get stuck somewhere or are in trouble while using the software. Our support team is also helpful if you are looking for an efficient and effective solution for any issue. Here are some ways in which we support our users:


You get free consulting regarding a number of features that you can avail with the software. With the help of consulting, you can understand each feature like an invoice, cash flow management, accounting reports, inventory, cloud management, etc. This will help you in growing your business in the long run.

• Data Conversion

The ProSeries support USA can help you in converting the account data from enterprise to online with the help of in-built tools. We have a number of features, which you may be unaware of at the start but with our support, you can become an expert in no time.

• Programming

We offer programming features for entrepreneurs who might be interested in developing applications for mobile. This powerful feature is cost-effective and can be used with the help of special assistance from us.

• Reporting

You can create custom and professional business reports by using software tools like analyzing profits, cash flows, and other similar things. Our customer support team will help you through this process by either visiting the in-app support, or you can also get in touch with us on our toll-free number.

• Integration

Another advantage of using our software is to get all the important business functions and the applications on the same platform. We assist our clients to do this by using QB integration, which simplifies the process of accounting by automatically syncing all the payments, invoices, financial reports, and related data.

• File Review

The support team can review your files and database to check if you have used the apps correctly. The file review system consists of 27-points that help the ProSeries tech support team to provide you’re a detailed report on the status of your QB file.

• Cloud Solutions

With ProSeries, you also get access to the cloud storage system, so you can easily backup your data. Moreover, this also gives you the liberty to access the data easily and conveniently from any part of the world, and it also makes the data more secure and safe. You can contact the ProSeries customer service for any help with the cloud solutions.

• Set-Up and Implementation

Setting up and implementation software is another sector where customer support can help you a lot. We help our clients in choosing and customizing the software plan as per their needs and implementation for the business. You can either go for the single-user or a multi-user program with multiple integrations according to your scope of usage.

• Training

Intuit ProSeries training unit offers you online sessions, specially created for helping you with the usage of software and handling your clients. The recorded online sessions help you go through the training at your own pace. This helps in the easy implementation of the strategies in your business.

• Inventory Management

We offer you cloud solutions for your unique needs according to the business. If you are interested in the manufacturing and warehouse functionality, then the support team can help you solve them with cloud solutions to automate the inventory process. This helps in inefficient management of the inventory and safe business tactics.

• Bookkeeping and Payroll Support

Accounting and Payroll are also one of the features that ProSeries tech support takes care of. If you have any complain, demands, or issues related to the bookkeeping services, then you can directly contact our support team for solutions.

ProSeries Support Ensures that You Run Your Business Effectively Using Our Software

Without experienced customer executives to take care of the issues related to a product, any user of that specific product would feel lost. ProSeries is helpful software when exploited to its fullest. However, new users need proper guidance and support on how to use it and without this support, they wouldn’t be able to use it correctly and efficiently.

Our technical support is professional and skilled at their work. We ensure that our users become accomplished in using the ProSeries for which we will readily provide them with the help required.

• Data Application Availability for Businesses

Accountants and small businesses normally find it difficult to find a handy tool for maintaining tax records and returns. This is where ProSeries help small and mid-size businesses. You can install this application and rip the benefits from the word Go. Also, you can call our customer support and we will assist you with the technical aspects and also help you understand all its features.

• Optimal Performance for Productivity

The software works on the principle of automation, which increases productivity and maximizes the results. Our support helps in understanding the technical features like integration of different software and linking them to get optimum results. This also helps in storing all the data in the same place when it comes to their clients.

• Better Security

The software offers security in terms of their packages and also gives you a single person use access or multi-user access. This offers maximum security to the person using the software. Our customer support is very helpful in when it comes to providing information on the safety and security of information. This means they will never access your software instead just offer you solutions based on the technical difficulties you have been facing. They will guide you over the phone on how you could take care of the issue. The ProSeries technical support team will also help you understand all the new updates and features that the company offers regularly. The support team helps with setting up and implement the features that will fortify your security and keep your data safe.

In Which Ways Do We Offer ProSeries Customer Support?

There are different ways in which we provide you with customer support. You can connect with us over the phone on our toll-free phone number +1877-708-5420 from Monday – Friday, 6:00 am – 8:00 pm – During Business hours across all timezones in the United States. We also have special extended hours for times when the tax filing season is at its peak.  There are several holidays that we cater you on. You can check on our support website for more details on the days and time that we will be available to speak to you on holidays and when we are providing special extended hour services.

We have an active community of accountant’s where you can post small issues and get prompt answers to them. The accountant’s community is loaded with articles, FAQ’s and video tutorials categorized carefully under different headings that can be looked up easily in the Search box. ProSeries customer support is always ready to provide you with the necessary help, support, and guidance that you would require while using our software.